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“Tina Davies literally changed my life. Her artistic gifts have brought me back to my best self. I hid my face for years behind dark glasses and bangs. Tina’s empathy and gentle nature combined with such proficiency and professionalism is rare. My biggest regret is that I didn’t find her sooner.”

Dora E., Toronto




About Tina Davies

A leader in natural-looking permanent makeup techniques.

Across the last fourteen years, I’ve helped countless women unlock their confidence through the use of permanent makeup. Working closely with each of my clients, I analyze each person’s unique features to produce a flawless and highly natural look that frames their personality. To learn more about my work, browse my website or book an appointment today.


What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is specialized cosmetic tattooing. Some of the techniques are referred to as  micro-pigmentation, micro-pigment implantation and dermagraphics. The makeup is applied by depositing coloured pigment into the dermis of the skin.  It is long-lasting and will fade with UV exposure and natural skin exfoliation.  The beauty of permanent makeup is that it allows you to look your best, 24/7. 
Who can benefit from permanent makeup?
As long as you meet the minimum age requirements and are relatively healthy, almost anyone can. I have worked with clients young and old, helping them achieve facial enhancement through permanent makeup. It's perfect if you can't wear traditional cosmetics due to sensitivities or certain allergies, and it's also ideal if you lead a busy outdoor life. No need to worry about your makeup running or "sweating off"! 
Will I really look like myself, only better?
Absolutely.  The focus of my design is natural-looking makeup that looks elegant yet feminine.  Your permanent makeup will be tailored to blend into your unique skin tone and hair colour, while complimenting and enhancing your natural features so you look fresher, younger and more polished.  
Is it safe?
Safety and cleanliness are our top priority and our environment and commitment reflect these values.  As well, all needles are sterile and full disposed after each use. 


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