Permanent Makeup FAQ
What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is specialized cosmetic tattooing. Some of the techniques are referred to as  micro-pigmentation, micro-pigment implantation and dermagraphics. The makeup is applied by depositing coloured pigment into the dermis of the skin.  It is long-lasting and will fade with UV exposure and natural skin exfoliation.  The beauty of permanent makeup is that it allows you to look your best, 24/7. 
Who can benefit from permanent makeup?
As long as you meet the minimum age requirements and are relatively healthy, almost anyone can. I have worked with clients young and old, helping them achieve facial enhancement through permanent makeup. It's perfect if you can't wear traditional cosmetics due to sensitivities or certain allergies, and it's also ideal if you lead a busy outdoor life. No need to worry about your makeup running or "sweating off"! 
Will I really look like myself, only better?
Absolutely.  The focus of my design is natural-looking makeup that looks elegant yet feminine.  Your permanent makeup will be tailored to blend into your unique skin tone and hair colour, while complimenting and enhancing your natural features so you look fresher, younger and more polished.  
Is it safe?
Safety and cleanliness are our top priority and our environment and commitment reflect these values.  As well, all needles are sterile and full disposed after each use. 
Is it painful?
You may think getting permanent makeup applied will be as painful as a traditional tattoo, but it is not. Because I use high-quality topical anesthetics, most people report nothing more than a "scratching" sensation that is tolerable.  People with sensitive skin may experience more sensation, but again, the sensation is tolerable.
How much does it cost?
Eyebrows $900Eyeliner – Upper $700Eyeliner – Lower $550Beauty Mark $150Scar Camouflage $375+up Touch-up:  Eyebrows                       $450Touch-up:  Upper eyeliner:            $450Touchup: Lower eyeliner                $450Touch-up:  Upper and lower eyeliner:       $850Touchup-up:  Eyebrows and upper & lower eyeliner:  $1275Touch-up:  Eyebrows and upper eyeliner:       $875Touch-up:  Eyebrows and lower eyeliner:       $875Touch-up:  Beauty mark :              $150 PackagesEyes- upper & lower eyeliner $1100Eyebrows, upper & lower eyeliner  $1850Eyebrows, upper eyeliner  $1500Eyebrows, lower eyeliner $1300
I am unsure of the right design and colour. Do I need to book a consultation before an appointment?
No, it is not necessary.  During your appointment,  I will listen carefully to your goals and to recommend shapes and colours along with a mock-up of the proposed design, this way you can choose your best look and be reassured of the outcome.  Also, I will be seeing you for a follow-up appointment in the following months so you may "fine-tune" your design and make adjustments to shape and colour.  The end result will be shape that allows you to feel most comfortable and look your best.
Can I have a consultation and procedure the same day?
Yes, you can.  The majority of appointments are booked this way as they allow for adequate consultation time to discuss color, shape and design. Once your goal is determined and you feel confident and comfortable with the design, I will proceed to apply the permanent makeup.  Each procedure takes approximately one hour.
How do I book an appointment?
Availability UPDATE:Tina will be on maternity leave until early 2016.Please check back with us on the website or our Facebook page for the update on Tina's return. Thank you for your patience.TIP:  "Like"  Tina's Facebook page for updates on her return. 
What can I expect the day of the procedure?
Firstly, I will carefully analyze your facial shape and features, pinpointing how your natural features can be complemented to make you look more radiant and youthful. Then, I will advise you on the most suitable colours to match your skin and hair tone. Finally, using cosmetic pencils, I will create a variety of designs to help you envision your ideal end result. Only once you are happy, I will go on to apply your permanent makeup. Each procedure normally lasts 1-2 hours. Lastly, I will review aftercare instruction with you and schedule your follow-up visit.  
What will I look like after the procedure? What activities do I need to aviod?
Your permanent makeup will look darker and more defined for the first 4-6 days. There is no puffiness or redness for the eyebrows; two days of puffiness for the eyes and lips.  Basically, your makeup appearance will be bolder. It is a good idea to "lay low" during this time and reduce social events.  After one week, the intensity will soften 30%-40% and natural.
How quickly can I go back to work after the procedure?
If you feel comfortable, very quickly. The most noticeable day is the next day.  Eyebrow procedures produce no swelling or bruising but there will  be puffiness of 2-3 days following the eyeliner  procedure which normally subsides within a couple of days. Please note; your permanent makeup will look darker than usual during the first week and is completely normal.
Do I have to avoid any activities after my procedure?
You will need to avoid swimming and suntanning for at least one week after any procedure. You may shower and wash your face as normal during this time, but take care to reduce water exposure and avoid scrubbing the permanent makeup area until it has fully healed.
How do I prepare my skin for permanent makeup?
For the best results, please ensure that the specific area (eyebrows,eyes)  is healthy, moisturized, and free from blemishes  prior to your procedure. If the skin area is damaged or "open" it may be best to wait for it to heal firstly.
Should I wear makeup the day of my procedure?
If you normally wear makeup, yes. This will give me a good idea of your personal makeup routine and style.   If you do not wear makeup, please just come naturally and together we can create a look that you're comfortable with.
How long does permanent makeup last?
Permanent makeup is incredibly long lasting, but it will fade slowly over time.  The rule of thumb is the darker the color, the longer it lasts.  To keep your makeup looking pristine, you should have it refreshed every couple of years.   To ensure ease, email reminders will be sent to you  at regular intervals. 
Will permanent makeup save me money?
Yes, more than likely! According to InStyle, the average woman spends over $15,000 on makeup during their lifetime. This sobering statistic reveals just how much money permanent makeup can save you in the long-run.  Most importantly, permanent makeup will save you precious time that allows you to "wash and go" in the morning and step out of the house with confidence. 
I have a wrinkled/saggy/scarred/skin tags/uneven skin texture. Is permanent makeup for me?
Facial skin is not only delicate but very thin skin and the age and texture will determine the outcome of the permanent makeup.  Very few people have completely flawless skin and I will do my best to work along with your situation.  A follow-up appointment is included with each new application and allows for improvement and fine-tuning.
Can I wear my makeup as normal after a procedure?
You'll need to wait one week before you can apply your makeup as usual.  Keeping the skin clean and free from cosmetics is important during the healing process.  Plus, you'll probably end up pleasantly surprised on how good your skin looks and feels when you keep it makeup-free for one week!
Can I drive home after a procedure?
Yes, you can. Even if you've had an eyeliner procedure, you'll be perfectly fine to drive.
What about my existing eyebrows? Will I need to shave or remove them?
During your consultation, I'll take the time to clean and trim your existing eyebrows, teaching you how to groom them in the future. If you have unwanted grey hair, you have the options of dying or removing them. Permanent makeup cannot 'get rid' of grey hairs.
I’m pregnant/nursing- can I still get permanent makeup?
Unfortunately, you must wait until you pass this phase to ensure safety and the best results as your hormones and skin will be out of balance and quite sensitive during this time.
Can I get permanent makeup cheaper than your prices?
Yes, you can shop around but more important than price is quality.  My price reflects my commitment to quality, safety, and service.  When choosing a permanent makeup professional, you are choosing an artist that you invest with not only for one appointment, but for years to come as you age and change your look, so chose the best professional that meets your standards.
How long is your waiting list?
I currently have over 5,000 clients and regularly carry out touch-ups for them. I am currently booking for 2017 for new procedures.  My goal is to provide each client with adequate time and attention.  Your patience is appreciated.
What is your cancellation policy?
Due to demand, please provide 72 hours notice if you wish to make a cancellation without penalties. Please note, if you do not give this notice, a cancellation fee may be charged and are as follows:

More than 72 hours notice:  $0 Less than 72 hours notice:  $100 LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE:  FULL PROCEDURE FEE

I already have permanent eyebrows I don’t like. Can you help?
Yes, I can. However if your eyebrows are grey, black or extremely dark, I strictly recommend having them removed by laser beforehand.  This will give me a suitable base to work from. If your eyebrows are faded or light, I can usually work with them in an effort to "camouflage" the previous design. However, you'll need to book a consultation to see how I can help you. Please note; in some cases- the existing permanent eyebrows can negate the effect of the Feathering Technique ©. However, as your permanent eyebrows fade with time, I can build up the effect for you. This will normally take around 1 or 2 extra appointments.
Can permanent makeup cover dark scars/eye circles/stretch marks or surgical scars?
Sadly, no. These dark areas cannot be covered with permanent makeup. Instead, you may want to consider waterproof concealer makeup.
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