The Feathering Technique: Flawless. Flattering. Fixating.

Forget flat, unnatural permanent eyebrows. Pioneered in 1999, Tina's award-winning Feathering Technique is considered the gold standard in permanent eyebrows. Unlike other techniques that create flat, dense designs, Tina's Feathering Technique features individual, angled hairstrokes that mimic your natural hair-growth pattern.  The result? Flawless yet natural-looking eyebrows.The traditional method of implanting color into the skin involves a type of mechanical tattoo device.   This method may be suitable for body tattoos, but it's not appropriate for the delicate features of the face. In contrast, Feathering is applied with a state-of-the art microneedles measuring only 1/10 of a millimeter that Tina herself procures from Asia through thorough testing.  Also, Tina uses specialty pigments that stay true to color and can accommodate a range of skin tones and hair colors to ensure a match for each individual.

What to expect:

During your consultation, Tina will firstly examine your face shape, hair tone and skin color. Once you agree on your perfect color and shape, Tina will redesign your eyebrows with cosmetic pencils and give you an idea of what can be achieved.  Since your features are unique, she will tailor a shape that best suits your face, never utilizing stencils.   Once you're happy, Tina will use the Feathering Technique to skillfully apply your new eyebrows, using a combination of long and short individual strokes that subtly mimic the growth of  natural hairs. Your unique design is tailored specifically to you.

Why choose the Feathering Technique?

Industry leading- The trademarked Feathering Technique has won awards at the highest levels and is widely considered as the gold standard in permanent eyebrow design. Noted for realism, flawlessness and intricacy, you'll be sure to turn heads wherever you go.No more wasted time- Whether you’re a busy professional, athlete or a parent juggling family life with your job, permanent eyebrows free up the time you waste maintaining and plucking your eyebrows. Furthermore, if you find plucking both time-consuming and difficult due to impaired vision or a medical condition, permanent eyebrows are the perfect solution.Perfectly shaped, all day- Feathering Technique permanent eyebrows not only look great, they can handle any lifestyle. If you’re physically active, your eyebrows will always remain perfect, no matter how hard you sweat!Relief for allergies and sensitive skin- If you can’t use certain cosmetics or have particularly sensitive skin, the delicate method of the feathering technique can offer lasting relief.The Celebrities’ Choice- Permanent make-up is popular choice with models, actors and entertainers alike. Well-known examples include Madonna, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana 
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