Permanent Eyeliner: No more dull, tired eyes:  wake up with bright eyes every day

Just imagine; no more smudged eyeliner and no more unsightly smears. Just a perfect line that defines your eyes whilst enhancing your natural colouring.

As one of Toronto's leading permanent eyeliner artists, I can help you achieve your perfect look. I'll firstly help you decide on your ideal shade. From the bold look of intense black to subtle shades of grey and olive, your choice will be tailored to compliment your skin tone and eye-colour perfectly. I'll then apply the shade between each eyelash, building your permanent eyeliner corner to corner, before tapering the ends for a delicate yet elegant finish.

The advantages of permanent eyeliner

Free up more time- Whether you're a busy parent, an over-worked professional or even a stay-at-home mom, you'll no longer have to waste time applying or removing your makeup. Additionally, if you find using eyeliner difficult due to lack of practice, impaired vision or a medical condition, permanent eyeliner offers a lasting solution.Flawless application-Wrinkled or loose eyelids?  Your permanent eyeliner will be applied smoothly and flawlessly in one single line.No more smears- Not only will your eyes look great, they'll stay great, even through the the sweat of a rigorous workout or water splashing from the pool.Relief for allergies and sensitive skin- Do you have allergies or very sensitive skin? Permanent eyeliner can stop irritation dead in its tracks.The Celebrities’ Choice- Permanent makeup is popular choice with many famous faces. Well-known examples include Madonna, Princess Diana, Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears, and Halle Berry.
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