Permanent Eyebrows: Perfectly Shaped Brows, Everyday.

Are you tired of maintaining eyebrows you're never quite happy with? With permanent eyebrow makeup, your eyebrows will remain perfectly shaped, day in, day out.  Whether you enjoy swimming, running or the gym, you'll never have to worry about your eyebrows rubbing off or losing shape as you live your life.Applied using the award-winning Feathering Technique©, my permanent eyebrows set a new standard. Instead of the bold, unnatural lines you may be accustomed to, the Feathering Technique© applies individual long and short strokes that mimic your natural hair growth. In turn, your permanent eyebrows will look multidimensional, incredibly realistic and perfectly shaped.During your session, I'll firstly redesign your eyebrows with cosmetic pencils and let you visualize the different shapes that can be achieved. Then, I will apply the permanent colour by tattooing each hairstroke individually, slowly building up a design that looks authentic, natural and flawless. Each design is original to each client. I never use stencils, as I believe that each set of eyebrows should be tailored to the wearer's unique tastes, facial features and personality. 

What are the benefits of my permanent eyebrows?

Industry leading- I use the award-winning Feathering Technique© to apply permanent eyebrow makeup. Considered the gold standard in permanent eyebrow design, no other permanent eyebrow techniques achieve a finish as natural or flawless.No more wasted time- Are you a busy parent? Perhaps a hardworking professional? Maybe you just don't have the time to obsess over your makeup each and every day? Permanent eyebrows free up the time you waste maintaining your look.Perfectly shaped, all day- Feathering Technique© permanent eyebrows can handle any lifestyle. Whether you're a gym enthusiast or lead a hectic life, your eyebrows will remain perfect throughout showering, excercising, swimming, and even sleeping.Relief for allergies and sensitive skin- Is maintaining your eyebrows an ongoing struggle due to allergies or sensitive skin? The delicate application of Feathering Technique© permanent eyebrow makeup can offer lasting relief.The Celebrities’ Choice- Do you envy the perfectly shaped eyebrows you see walking down the red carpet on TV?  With the Feathering Technique©, you can get the celebrity look yourself. . 
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