"Hi Tina, I just wanted to let you know that not a day goes by that I do not appreciate your wonderful talents. It's all about feeling so much more comfortable in my own skin.  For years I had lived with literally no eyebrows. I "drew" them on each and every day; therefore I could look presentable one day and frightening the next. I worried about swimming, sweating etc..anything that would rub it off. After seeing your ad in a magazine, I began extensive research into the art of permanent cosmetics. You seemed to be the most professional and well-trained artist of all. Certainly after speaking with you and learning about your dedication and your true talent in your chosen field, I was so impressed, that decided to put myself in your capable hands and hope for the best.  Needless to say, it turned the page on another chapter of my life. Yes, it was uncomfortable, but you used every method to keep the discomfort under control.   My eyes were puffy for a few days, but I followed your instructions to the letter and had no problems.  Afterwards, I would stare in the mirror and wonder why I waited for so many years to accentuate my eyes in a permanent fashion. The top and bottom eyeliners have given the definition that my eyes were lacking and the beautifully-shaped eyebrows have given my previously bald face the frame it needed.  I still wear a lot of make-up, because I have always enjoyed it, but now I  am able to run to the store or the gym, etc. with absolutely no make up on my face  and feel quite secure in feeling comfortable with how I look. My sincere thanks goes out to you for helping me achieve this feeling.  When it fades, I will definitely return to you for touch ups and this time I will be running, not waiting!  Please don't ever retire, because I would not trust anyone else with this delicate procedure. You are an artist in every"Tina is amazing at what she does.  She knows what to do and does it with love and care.The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing.  If you are thinking about  working with Tina, don't think, just go see her and do it.  You will be so amazed with the end result as I always do."-Tahani, Waterloo sense of the word and your work speaks for itself.  Again, my heartfelt thanks for a job well done." - Anne P., Hamilton  "I flew in from Edmonton to have my permanent eyebrows done by Tina and I will fly back to get more permanent makeup done! I am absolutely floored by the amazing expertise and precision by Tina Davies. The face is such an important part of life and can affect many parts of a person from self-esteem to lifestyle to professionalism to expression. I love my new semi permanent eyebrows for numerous reasons. I swim daily and have my eyebrows on all times of the day. I can hit the pool at my convenience. I am in nursing so having beautiful permanent eyebrow tattoos that last the whole twelve hour shift is priceless. Now, I feel as if I have an esthetician with me every week. The shape now serves as a template and guide for me, making it easy to pluck- easy five minute job! Tina took the time to help me shape my brows and every step of the way, she ensured my goal and opinion was her first priority." -Betty N., Edmonton "I was really concerned that my permanent eyebrows weren't going to look natural, but Tina matched the colour perfectly to my blond hair. She even showed me what it would look like before it was done so I could be sure that I was going to be comfortable with the colour and shape of my permanent eyebrow makeup." -Justine H., Toronto "Hi Tina, I hope you are doing well, words can't express how extremely overwhelmed I am with my new and improved eyebrows! You have done a miracle on my eyebrows, it has boosted up my confidence a lot as well! Now I walk out of the house without any make-up on and I feel great because my eyebrows make me feel so confident that I don't feel like I require anything else! The healing process was a breeze, it healed within a few days without any complications.  The best of all is how natural it looks! Whoever sees me compliments my eyebrows and I tell them proudly that it was created by the one and only Tina Davies.  You are truly an outstanding and most of all a caring individual and I am glad I trusted you with such an important decision of my life. I also look forward to seeing you throughout the years! Please give my regards to Brenda as well, I am grateful to her for calling me with the chance of an early appointment for my procedure."-Sreoshi S., Toronto "I've always depended on make-up because my face looks so "washed-out" without it. I wanted to see my features without having to transform myself. Now, when I wake up with my permanent makeup, I look great!"-Laurie S., Oakville "Hi Tina- Just a line or two to thank you for the wonderful work you have done restoring my eyebrows. To my delight, you were able to even out the different colours of brown, purple and black that I had tattooed previously in my eyebrows, leaving them a beautiful shade of brown. The feathering effect makes my permanent eyebrows look incredibly natural. The permanent eyeliner makeup looks just as amazing! This is how I always wanted my eyes and eyebrows to look and you certainly made my dream come true. Thank you again. You are brilliant!!!"- Sonia G., Toronto "When I first got my permanent eyeliner 2 years ago, I was extremely nervous. After Tina was finished I was so amazed of how wonderful a job she had done. My permanent eye-liner makeup was perfect, beautifully done. I was never so happy in my life and to this day it has transformed my life as to where I am so comfortable to be able to walk out the door without any makeup except for my tattoo eyeliner. Tina does an amazing job! She truly is an artist and I trust her immensely. My sister and I came from the USA and it was more than worth the trip."-Connie E., New York, USA "Dear Tina, Thank-You for the e-mail.  I am really happy with the results. I have recommended you to my friends and family.  As my mom and sisters were at my place for Easter. I removed my glasses and asked them, "what do you think of my new tattoos?"  I stretched my neck out so that my face would be closer to view.  I saw great panic on my moms face because she was trying to find the" picture "and then she asked," what else did you pierce? " They could not figure out what I was talking about!!!  I let them sweat for a little while and then I said,  I had my eyeliner tattooed on and my lips too!  I saw relief on my mom's face and she chuckled a bit  as she said, "Ula, now that is the kind of tattoo I approve!  It is perfect!"   That statement from my mom made my day!  Next, my sister and mom bombarded me with a series of questions, the usual ones that you have on your web site.  " Did it hurt? Were you not afraid to get poked in the eye? How long did that take? "  I answered all of their questions and told them how much it cost too. They both gasped a bit but I said that I did alot of research and I saw Tina Davies on the Marilyn Dennis show and she has a clean spotless office and won awards for her work!  I said that you have been making people happy since 1999!!! I told them that they should never go to a tattoo parlour to get this done because of germs and unlean surfaces. I said the job looked so natural that I had to tell them what I had done because they could not see it!!!  That is the best part! No smudgy eyes!  No disappearing Lipstick!    Thank-You Tina, you are the best!   Hugs and total respect!"-Ula S., Etobicoke "I literally had no eyebrows. I felt embarrassed to let others see me without them drawn in, so needless to say, it was a chore. I was spending so much time in the morning and throughout the day penciling them in and they never came out even. Ever since Tina performed her permanent cosmetic procedure on my brows, I can't believe the difference. I can swim, jog, sweat, shower, or even decide not to wear make-up at all, and I always look great! She was so patient and professional and really took the time to customize my eyebrows to the exact shape I desired. Now, I wish I had done it a long time ago. Thank you, Tina."-Regina A., Toronto "I'm back today to get a touch-up on my lip-colour.  I first came to see Tina in 2004.  It lasted for 5 years and I received many compliments.  I've had touch-ups done by others but no-one has come close to Tina's ability and techniques.  Tina's the best."-Heather B., Visiting from Moscow, Russia "I've been coming to Tina for over 8 years now, and for 8 years she has been nothing but wonderful and precise in what she does.  She has helped me in so many ways."-Romina M., Brampton "I don't wear much makeup but the one thing I have to have is my lipstick.  I look sick if I'm not wearing lipstick.  I had never considered permanent lip colouring before until I met a girl at my gym whose lips looked so rosy, even in the pool.  She told me her secret was permanent lip colour, and I was so shocked because it looked so natural.  Tina placed a very natural colour on my lips that matched my skin tone to give me 'baby' coloured pink lips.  It's the best thing I have ever done for myself.  Thanks Tina!"-Sharlene D., Etobicoke "Tina is amazing at what she does.  She knows what to do and does it with love and care.The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing.  If you are thinking about  working with Tina, don't think, just go see her and do it.  You will be so amazed with the end result as I always do."-Tahani, Waterloo "Tina does a great job.  I had wanted to do it for 20 years but didn't trust anyone.  After seeing what a great job she had done on other people and all the great references, I finally found someone I was comfortable with.  Now I can walk out of my house without makeup; it has changed my life, I love it."-Sandy B., USA "The service I received from Tina was excellent, she is very professional, reassuring, and calming. I'm usually afraid when it comes to any kind of procedures, but not with Tina. Permanent eyeliner has made life so convenient, I can go swimming without having to worry about my make-up smearing. The eyeliner looks so beautiful and natural. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made."-Marni T., Missisauga "Tina, you have done a beautiful job on my brows!  They look fantastic and I love not having to worry about drawing them on any more.  Best of all, no one can even tell they aren't real!  I would recommend you to anyone who feels self-conscious about their brows.  You are amazing!"  Jenn Z., Hamilton "Permanent eyebrows have changed my life!  I never realized that the right shape could totally open up my eyes and give me an instant 'face-lift'.  I had been getting them waxed for years, but no-one ever showed my how to actually change my look.  I love my new eyebrows!"  Chantelle M., Etobicoke "Natural Effects' technique is not only unique but cutting edge. I had been looking for this technique since one of my friends had it done in the States. The look is so natural, unlike what I had perceived it to be."  Sanjira S., Oakville "Tina, I was very apprehensive about having permanent eye make-up.  I am very fair and neverhad any eyebrows-losing my sight I counld not put on my eyeliner.  So I researched and found you and you changed my whole image making me so natural and able to go without makeup at sixty years old.  I just returned from a "trip around the world" and the most satisfying part of the trip was getting up in the morning and not having to worry about my make up- a little mascara and lipstick and off I went.  Thank you so much-you changed my look and outlook."  Krista M., Toronto  "Dearest Tina, I just really wanted to tell you how your magic has changed my life.  My eyebrows are perfect!  You've given me back time, confidence, and a renewed sense of self.  Thank you so much."  Natasha K., Toronto.
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